Non-Slider Edge Wrapping

Non-Slider Edge Wrapping

With our patented non-slider edge wrapping process, it is possible to laminate the carrier in one step and to realize a 180° edge wrap. This is possible completely without horizontal slider devices. Through this method we have been able to completely enclose the 90° edge wrap and even more decisively to laminate the 180° edge wrap with full pressing tonnage.

This method is particularly suitable for loading floors and hat racks. Cuts in the 90° edge wrap area are here no longer necessary. The pressure can be adjusted in the entire edge wrap area.

Due to the space-saving construction, it is possible to arrange cavities with a minimum carrier size. This allows several cavities to be laminated and edge wrapped in one tool in a confined space.

Thanks to the compact construction and the elimination of all horizontal movements or sliding units, our customers benefit in particular from an enormous cost advantage over conventional laminating and edge wrapping tools. However, downtime and maintenance measures are also reduced to a minimum.

The non-edge slider wrapping process thus combines the economic advantages against conventional methods, with technical advantages that are only possible with this process from VESPER.


Modular servo-motor laminating system

All our laminating and edge wrapping tools can be installed in our modular servo motor-driven lamination systems. We adapt these individually to our customer’s wishes. A clamping force of up to 10to, at a movement speed of 500 mm/s and a heating box integrated in a tool or system, ensure optimum lamination of our customers’ components.


  • Loading floor
  • Hut rack
  • Door panel middle field
  • Center arm rest
  • Seat backrests
  • Side panels

We are happy to inspect your component to evaluate whether our non-edge slide wrapping technique can be applied.


  • Fibre-reinforced composites
  • Plastics
  • Natural fiber


  • Any kind of decors
  • Synthetic leather
  • Leather


Non-slider Edge Wrapping Tool


  • 180° edge wrap completely circumferential without horizontal sliders
  • Full press pressure is also used in the edge wrapping area
  • In the case of multiple cavities, the component distance can be reduced to a minimum.
  • Multiple cavities possible in the tightest areas.
  • Cirverged edge wrapping frame guarantees closed corners in 90° and 180° edge wrap
  • Low maintenance
  • Not prone to interference
  • No horizontal sliders needed
  • Cost savings compared to conventional slider systems of up to 30%
  • Integrated high-performance infrared heaters for short heating phases



Servo motorized laminating system


  • Servo motor-driven laminating systems
  • Movement speed up to 500 mm/s
  • Tonnage up to 10to, purely electric
  • Wingspan is adjusted according to customer requirements, up to 3,000mm possible
  • Individually expandable with handling systems; e.g. for the automated carrier and decor supply or removal of the laminated carrier from the machine to the next manufacturing process.
  • Integrated tool change in under 10min, without mechanical work by the operator


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